Welcome Friends!

Welcome Friends

IMG 0783 300x225 Welcome Friends!

Welcome Friends!

Over the last couple of years I have come to realize how important it is to welcome friends into our lives.

We all have friends who are in our life for a season. They are there for a time that we need them or they need us. When that season of our life is done, those friends move on. It doesn’t mean we forget them but for whatever reason they are no longer a part of our daily living.

Then there is the BFF or best friend forever. These are precious friends who will always be there when we need them. They may live close by or many miles away but you know when you call they are happy to hear your voice. Your conversations with these friends just naturally pick up where you left off – even if you haven’t talked in months.

The last category of friends are those who live close by and come in and out of your life and house on a regular basis. Actually, I think these fall into two subcategories – front door friends and kitchen door friends. The front door friends are those who we know and enjoy seeing when we answer the doorbell. Kitchen friends on the other hand are those who bypass the front door and come straight to the kitchen door. To me the kitchen represents the heart of the house and those kitchen door friends are the ones who know they are welcome at any time to come into the heart and love that is present.

My wish is for readers of my blog to become “kitchen door” friends. So, welcome friends!

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