Back On Track To A Healthy Weight Loss!

by jcramer75 on March 7, 2013

iStock 000008601462 ExtraSmall 300x250 Back On Track To A Healthy Weight Loss!Back On Track To A Healthy Weight Loss!

Well friends, I am back on track with my weight loss journey.  Last fall I lost 40 pounds and then got derailed over the holidays. As a result I gained back ten pounds and have been fighting with those ten pounds now for three months. As of Monday I decided it was time to get serious again so here I am blogging to the world about it.

All along I have been drinking my Shaklee 180 Smoothies for breakfast, but then the rest of the day not doing so well making the right food choices. So Monday I started back on the complete Shaklee 180 weight loss plan and then yesterday started back to Curves. Eating the right foods is very important, but adding in the exercise is just as important. It felt good to get back on the circuit.

There as some things I learned about myself last fall when I was losing weight. I learned that if I lose weight just for the sake of losing weight it doesn’t work for me. There were several of us that had a challenge going on to see who could have the biggest percentage of weight loss during a certain period of time. During the last couple of weeks of the challenge I worked hard to lose a lot of weight because I wanted to win. After the challenge was over I was out of control. So even though I won, I really lost because I did it for all the wrong reasons. This is when I realized I need to be sensible about what I’m doing. I now know that I need to follow my Shaklee 180 plan but to allow myself the occasional treat. It’s not good to try a lose a lot of weight at once, but to have a steady and healthy 1 to 2 pounds per week loss. Anything more that that is not realistic , for me anyways, and the weight will just go right back on if I get crazy about it.

Do you struggle with these same issues?  Other weight related issues? Please leave a comment below.

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jcramer75 March 7, 2013 at 7:17 PM

Please leave a comment about this post. I am interested in what you think.


paula March 7, 2013 at 8:16 PM

I KNOW…I have lost the same 25 lbs 3 times….so frustrating!!


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