About Jackie Cramer and A Real Future

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Thank you for stopping by to learn a bit about my weight loss journey.

First, a few facts about me:

I have lived in the same small town all my life. I have two sisters whom I love dearly.  I enjoy traveling and have visited all 50 states and 15 different countries.  My college degrees are in accounting and information systems.  I have worked as an accountant, a hospital controller, a business manager, and an educator.

My journey toward a real future started in 2005. I was finishing up course work for my doctorate when my mother started having health issues including a broken hip in 2006.  She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease shortly after this and the next six years were very stressful for me as her primary caregiver.  In the meantime, in 2010, my father was also diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  In 2011, the college I was teaching at decided to eliminate our whole department.  Although that was also stressful it was a relief in some ways since I was now the primary caregiver for two parents with Alzheimer’s disease.

To cope with all of the stress, I turned to food.  Over these six years I gained well over 100 pounds. My mother passed away in May 2012 at age 90. I knew I needed to do something about all the weight I had gained or I would be facing health issues of my own. On June 1, I started using the Shaklee products I had in the cupboard and by November I had lost 40 pounds.  Over the holidays I did let my eating get a little out of control and gained back 10 pounds, but I am now back on track.

I am still caring for my father and have not found a full-time job but it’s okay for now.  Where this is all going to lead, I don’t know, but I’m going to hang on and enjoy the ride.

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